AR Filters

AR filters tailored to elevate the brand image and customer experience with exceptional features.

Customized AR filters catered to your goals.

The digital world is revolutionizing with AR implementation. Its features are compatible and assimilate with every industry seamlessly providing brands with distinguishing advantages leading to a competitive edge.

These dynamic filters offer unparalleled benefits through interactive visualization that engages and holds the user’s attention.

AR filters open a large portal of possibilities.

What We Do

We have a versatile range of AR features that are aimed towards enhancing the user’s brand experience.

How it benefits you

Builds brand image AR connect the users to the brand allowing them to understand the message and builds a brand image increases the chances of brand loyalty.
Engaged audience AR filters have 4 times more engagement than video content and their interactive features additionally increase user engagement.
Boosts brand awareness and recall AR enhances the storytelling abilities of a brand leading to an increase in the interested audience and higher future recognition.
Bridge between virtual and real-life AR filters is an excellent interactive bridge to catch the existing and newer audience's attention.

    How dimpacter Do It

    Step 1
    We understand the brand and its goals to ensure the deliverables are aimed towards the same.
    Step 2
    We run in-depth research on the market landscape of the industry to ensure the individuality and originality of filters are maintained.
    Step 3
    We design dynamic AR filters as per requirements while focusing on the maintenance of user privacy.
    Step 4
    We ensure our AR filters are compatible and easy to integrate within the required parameters.
    Step 5
    Live AR Filters
    We publish the filters on their required platform while tracking their analytics to understand the audience's preferences.
    Step 5
    We prioritize the filters’ improvised speed and performance on every device to ensure a seamless user experience in real-time.